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What is the size of your head wraps?

All our wraps have an approximate size in their description box. All our wraps are long enough to create an multitude of styles!

I saw a head wrap on your social media but it's not in your shop. Can I still buy it?

It's likely that it's sold out or from an old collection and will not be returning. We love finding new fabrics and prints to make into Pretty Wraps as soon as possible. We do not mass produce our head wraps. All our head wraps are handmade by us in small quantities, one of a kind and  limited editions so they sell out quickly.



What is Virgin hair and where does it come from?

Virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically processed. To achieve the textures in our collection the hair has been steam processed which is the safest way so as not to damage the integrity of the hair. Our hair is sourced from Asian donors as their hair is excellent for steam processing to create the required texture and curl pattern of afro textured hair.

I’m not sure which texture to buy. Do you sell samples?

Yes we sell sample packs. The great thing about them is that they contain one of each of the textures in our collection.

How long can the hair last?

How well you treat your hair will determine how long it lasts. Over time the hair will shed and kinky/coily hair will tangle just like our own hair but this natural and nothing to worry about. The hair has been constructed to the highest standard. The hair can last for several months and be used over and over again. Ensure you follow the guidance provided in the haircare guide provided with each order. 

How do I look after the hair?

We provide a detailed haircare guide with each order specific to the texture hair you have purchased. 

Can I style the hair how I would my natural hair?

Of course – that’s the whole point of this collection. Our hair is 100% virgin unprocessed hair. You can do twists, twist outs, bantu knots-outs, braid-outs, curl, wand and flat iron the hair – the world is your oyster!

Can you add heat to the hair?

Yes you can but we recommend you add a heat protectant before applying heat and condition the hair as stated in the haircare guide provided with each order.

Can the hair be dyed?

Yes this hair can be dyed. Please remember adding dye or bleach is a chemical process so just like our real hair we recommend the hair is properly and regularly conditioned and deep treated. You are fully responsible for any chemical processing that you carry out on the hair. We do not offer a hair dyeing service.

How do you wear clip-ins?

Each weft has a series of snap shut clip sewn into them. You simply open all the snaps and slide them down onto your hair and snap them closed. The clips will hold firmly to your hair no matter the style of your own hair underneath.

We would recommend using the medium length wefts at the back/bottom of your head and work your way up in size. The longest weft should be worn where your head is widest. The shorter wefts are good for the top and sides and for filling in gaps. The number of wefts would roughly look like a diamond shape. For example when starting from the back to the front of the head it would be 3, 4, 5, 4, 3 and the 2 and 1 clips at the side. (The numbers represent the number of snap clips on each weft.)

For less volume we recommend you cornrow your hair and attach the clips to this. I often have my natural hair in twists under the clips as I love wearing twist outs. Cornrows or twists will lessen the stress on your natural hair.

You may find that you do not need to use all the clips in the set to achieve your desired look.

Do not remove the weft if the snap clip is closed as it could damage your own hair.

How many clip in sets or weft bundles of hair will I need?

This will depend on how you intend to style your hair and how full you want your final style. We recommend two clip in sets/ 2 weft bundles for a full head. For weft lengths longer than 18” you may require three bundles. This is because the longer the length of curl the shorter the weft.

Why does the kinky/coily hair look shorter than the length I purchased?

Hair is always measured in its stretched state so for the kinky/coily textures will appear shorter. The hair also arrives in a dry state; when the hair is wet it will appear longer and closer to it's stated length. 

I have a question that is not in this FAQs. What can I do?

Please go to the Contact Us page and submit your question and we aim to get back to you with a response within 48 hours.