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About us

Hair and adorning our crown is an important aspect of black female culture. The unique nature and versatility of our hair means that our styling options are limitless and envied by others.

Frustrated by the lack of black female figures represented in the media with natural hair textures coupled with her difficulty in finding quality hair extensions to match and blend with her kinky textures; Shukurat Mumuni decided it was time to redefine 'black hair' and created Pretty Kinks: a range of natural textured hair extensions specifically developed to match and blend seamlessly for women with the kinkiest hair textures.

Pretty Kinks hopes to redefine the perception of black hair by inspiring and empowering women to embrace their beautiful kinks. We have since shipped our luxury hair collection all over the world. Pretty Kinks is more than just a hair brand; developing into a lifestyle brand for the modern woman offering carefully curated unique handmade head wraps in an abundance of colours, prints and fabrics you won't find on any High Street.

Pretty Kinks is about empowering women to embrace their kinks, culture and creativity.

Welcome to the Pretty Life.